What's in it for you?

Mighty Blend Potting Mix is our revolution against crap soils. Combining the performance of mixes used by professionals with the nutrient-absorption ability powered by mycorrhizae, you can now obtain a strong substrate without adding any other ingredients to ensure the growth of your crops. Mighty Blend was born to offer urban gardeners a ready to use growing media solution.

Mighty Blend Potting Mix

Xtreme Gardening Mykos

Contains a mycorrhizal inoculant which increases the crops uptake of water and nutrients by partnering up with the root system, thus improving its efficiency to accumulate reserves.


Professional Growing Media

The same high-quality substrate that professional growers use. Nothing less.


Ready to Use Mix

You can tweak this mix with your own secret amendment, but we truly believe that you should try the product as is before you do.


Stronger Rooting System

Your crops will develop a strong root system in less time than with other mix brands. If you want to obtain the best growing methods from our pros, connect with us.


Optimal Vegetative Growth & Impressive Flowers

Nobody wants a long stem with a few leaves. Our mix can help you keep your crops short, sturdy and lush. It can easily steer your crops from vegetative to generative to get the most out of your flowering stage.

Mighty Blend Potting Mix with Xtrem Gardening Mykos already mixed in!

Which means:

There are more Mykos spores in the bale than if you mix it yourself.


You are guaranteed it is evenly distributed to achieve optimal results.


It saves you time and money.

WHO Are we?

Mighty Blend is a new dope and innovative growing media brand that offers urban gardeners
a professional-level growing media.

Made by experts using quality and consistent professional ingredients such as Xtreme Gardening Mykos TM and
Berger Peat Moss, Mighty Blend Potting Mix will be our revolution against crap soils.

Our revolution is about letting everyone know that you can have a high performance ready-to-use mix without
breaking the bank and without spending so much time and money adding to poor quality soils.

Is your growing media strong?

Like you, their mixes are fine. Like you, they have to spend time (and money!) testing and improving their blend. Like you, they would rather spend that time growing.

That’s why you need to know Mighty Blend. Because a professional level ready-to-use mix means you don’t have to buy all the extra ingredients and you can spend more time enjoying the results!

Mighty Blend is distributed exclusively by BWGS

Where to buy?

Exclusive to US Hydro Stores, Mighty Blend products are distributed through BWGS, Full Spectrum Distribution. To find a nearby Hydroponic store in one click, visit BWGS Website.

If Mighty Blend is not offered by your favorite dealer, let the store’s owner know you are craving for this new awesome product line and we will work to make it happen!

Contact us

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If you have any question or need technical assistance, email us right away, and we will get back to you within 24 hours during working days.